Commercial Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services for medium to large size companies, no job too big or too small. Commercial Retail Cleaning, Banks, Corporate Office Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning, etc.


Standard Services

Our goal is to serve you to your complete satisfaction. We use a standard format to clean and can easily include any additional requests in to this process to address any additional needs your business may have.


Horizontal surfaces such as file cabinets, copy machines, bookshelves, tables and other furniture or equipment will be dusted and cleaned if needed.

Lower dusting of chair rails and legs, desks and tables, baseboards, ledges, vents, etc.

Higher dusting of ledges, picture frames, door frames, vents, etc.

Vertical dusting of sides of desks, cabinets, files, bookshelves, etc.


Desktops will be dusted and cleaned as needed. Papers left on desks will not be disturbed, we will clean around them if possible.

Desk accessories including computer screens (if turned off), calculators, calendars, letter trays, etc. will be dusted..


Telephones will be dusted and sanitized.


Windowsills will be dusted.


Mini-Blinds will be dusted. If interested in having blinds washed we can give a customized quote for that.


Upholstered Furniture will be vacuumed.

Vinyl furniture will be wiped down.

Water Fountains

Water fountains will be cleaned, sanitized and polished.


Carpets will be vacuumed  in all open areas and traffic ways.

All carpeting will be vacuumed including knee holes of desks, behind doors, under and behind movable furniture and equipment. (Does not include handpicking staples from carpet.)

Tile floors will be thoroughly swept with a treated dust mop. Complete mopping will be done as needed.

Mats and runners will be cleaned and vacuumed or damp mopped.

Plastic chair mats will be spot cleaned.

Partition glass

Partition glass will be spot cleaned as needed and completely cleaned as needed.


Marks and smudges will be removed from walls as long as their removal does not spoil the general appearance of the walls. Hard surfaces such as tile walls, etc. will be cleaned. Painted surfaces will not be wiped down because of the risk of removing the paint.

Trash Disposal

Trash containers will be emptied and trash taken to the designated area. Plastic liners from your stock will be installed as needed. Trash containers will be cleaned when needed.


Cobwebs will be removed from window frames and corners as needed.


Glass in entrance doors and receptionist partitions will be cleaned on both sides to remove smudges and fingerprints.



The cleanliness and sanitation of restrooms is important, condition of your restrooms is always noticed. Restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, nobody likes using an unclean restroom.


Toilet bowls, toilet seats, urinals and sinks will be cleaned and sanitized. Bright metal will be cleaned and polished.

Trash Containers

Trash containers will be emptied and trash taken to a designated area. Exterior of containers will be spot cleaned. Plastic liners will be installed from your stock.


Glass and mirrors will be cleaned and polished.


Splash marks will be removed from walls around sinks and dispensers. Ceramic walls will be spot cleaned. Partition walls and doors will be spot cleaned. Painted surfaces will be dusted but not wiped, we don’t want to remove any paint.

Partition walls and doors will be wiped down and sanitized monthly.


Dispensers will be cleaned and polished and supplies installed from your stock. We can stock supplies and bill separately for this service.


Floors will be swept, damp mopped and sanitized.


Breakroom / Kitchen & Break Areas

We properly clean and sanitize to eliminate odors, safety hazards and help prevent workforce health issues. We will ensure that your breakroom or kitchen is cleaned and sanitized.


Tables and counter tops will be damp wiped. Chairs will be spot cleaned.

Cabinets & Metal Work

Upper and lower cabinet exteriors will be cleaned. Bright metal will be cleaned and polished.

Vending Machines

Machines will be spot cleaned.

Trash Containers

Trash containers will be emptied and trash taken to a designated area. Exterior of containers will be spot cleaned. Plastic liners will be installed from your stock. We can stock supplies and bill separately for this service.


Floors will be vacuumed or swept and damp mopped and sanitized.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens will be damp wiped and cleaned inside. Small appliances on the counter tops will wiped clean, outside of refrigerator will be cleaned and sanitized.


Custom Services

Every business is different and has different needs so we offer certain services a la carte. These services can be done on a requested basis or we may suggest them if we see they’re needed, regularly scheduled custom services are also another option.

Window Cleaning

We clean your office windows inside and out by hand using soap, water, squeegee and a lint free towel. When needed we remove concrete or any other foreign objects on glass and polish the glass if needed.

Blind Cleaning

Clean blinds helps eliminate or sterilize allergens, eliminate odors and gives your office a better appearance. We actually wash your blinds by hand, we can clean most type of blinds as they hang but some may required to be removed to be cleaned.